Why Valor

Make Connections. Build Relationships. Exceed Expectations.


What We Believe

Be Humble

Whether we are partnered with 100,000 companies or 1 company, we are nothing without our customers. When you grow, we grow and the only reason we exist is because you allow us to.

Be Innovative

Every day we will strive to find the best solutions and products for our customers. Technology is constantly changing and “because we’ve always done it that way” is not a valid reason with us.

Be Transparent

It’s your business, your money and your right to know what’s going on. In success and failure, we are committed to being radically transparent to ensure you can make informed decision every step of the way.

Why Valor Exists


I grew up in the small Navy town of Bremerton, Washington. My grandfather was a master welder in the shipyard and some of my earliest memories were staring in awe at the sailors in uniform when he would take us on base to go bowling. As I grew up and gained a better understanding of the sacrifices the men and women in our military and first repsonders make to ensure our safety, my awe turned into respect.

While I never served in the military, I had the opportunity to gain years of knowledge in business focusing on payments, sales and branding. Valor exists because I have an unrelenting desire to use my experiences to help give back to the military and first responder communities. If you accept credit card payments for your business or want begin accepting them and you need a trusted adviser in the process, you have found that with Valor.

Our Founder

Michael’s Story


I did not start out in business; I actually started my career as a firefighter. During that time, I found that I have an immense passion for helping people. As I transitioned into the business world, I quickly realized the majority of payment companies were taking advantage of the very people they were supposed to be “helping” accept payments. After years of gaining experience in the payments industry, I knew there was a better way and I knew someone needed to make a change. Valor is making the change.

I am a Christian and I operate my business with Christian values. I believe in building relationships, not accounts. I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated and with the respect they deserve. I believe in transparency. You are entrusting your business’ payments with us. You have every right to know what you are paying and why. I believe in doing the right thing, even when it is not the easy thing.

When you partner with Valor, you are partnering with people who believe what I believe and are committed to your success.


Don’t Be Shy. We’re Here For You.