Accepts payments anytime and anywhere.


With 1stPayMobile, accept payments from anywhere using your mobile device (Apple iPhone or Android Phone). Swipe cards, receive authorizations, allow customers to sign and email receipts, all from the phone that you already own, on the go. Set up recurring payments for your continual business and build a customer data base through the internal records.

Simply download the app on your device; confirm your activation email and you’re ready to go!

Xion 3.0/3.5 The future of payment acceptance is here. Xion terminals accept EMV, card swipe and the most recent payment technologies including NFC, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay transactions through the terminal or secure, customer facing PIN pad.

The XION is an advanced terminal that features top-of-the-line PCI PED 3.0 security and is available to connect with either IP or dial-up connection.

With an outstanding vivid color display and large buttons alongside a backlit keyboard, the Xion is visually appealing and easy to view.


FirstPay.Net is our safe, secure and reliable suite of e-commerce solutions developed for any type of merchant. Our FirstPay.Net solutions assist merchants in creating shopping carts which allow customers to purchase products and services online. You can even create customer profiles for recuring payments using our Customer Identification Management (CIM) program that will allow your customers to pay either through credit, debit, or funds debited directly from their bank account.

Do you have a shopping cart that directly integrates with Authorize.Net? We can build files to directly work with them as well!

Traditional point-of-sale systems are expensive and complex. If your business has outgrown the need for a counter top terminal and you aren’t prepared to spend big money on a traditional POS system,1stPayPOS is the right solution for you.

Using a modern tablet stand, 1stPayPOS delivers rich features such as inventory management, employee time clock, customizable items, cash management, gift card processing, customer loyalty programs and more. And the best of all, the system is cloud-based so you can access your sales, inventory reports and more from anywhere you have internet access, 24/7.


FirstView offers merchants robust reporting features and easy navigation. Want a detailed account of all your merchant activity? It's at your fingertips, down to each individual transaction.


Online Statements

FirstView empowers merchants with 24/7 access to their processing statements and detailed transaction reporting. FirstView is based in the cloud, so there is no expensive software to purchase or download.

Customized Reports

Build reports based on monthly, daily or even individual transactions. With FirstView, you can search transactions by card number, view batch reports, analyze your card acceptance mix and much more.

Analyze Data

FirstView empowers you to analyze your processing sales volume in a variety of ways. Analyze trends over the past 13 months, see what days of the week are the strongest  or drill down to see how your sales performed over a period of time.

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